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How It Started

Mintax is one of the leading microfinance banks. It commenced its operations in March 2011 with a strong social mission to provide financial services to poor and marginalized clients including small and landless farmers. The Bank also offers quality banking services to its valued clients including Government and private institutions. Mintax has a rather exceptional public figure in the society. Being a leader among rising banking systems and establishing a strong influence over a variety of financially integrated aspects of businesses, the Mintax Bank is the leading player of Microfinance in the country. Staying honest to its primary elements of belief, the bank has vowed to offer cutting-edge banking services to its customers.

The moment you say microfinance everybody wants to help you.


MinTax Bank is managed by Group of highly experienced bankers committed in and specialized in providing financial services

Value Chain Financing

Value Chain Financing Farmers, particularly the small landholders are facing problems in accessing finance from the banking sector due to their inability to provide collateral acceptable to banks.

Gold Loan

MinTax Gold Loan Keeping in view of the market dynamics and inclinations towards the secured portfolio and to increase the market share and profitability of the bank, a new product is designed with the name of MinTax Gold which will provide the financing facility against Gold/Gold Ornaments as security.

Business Loan

This product will cater the financing needs of individuals to establish a new business set up and to cascade the financial prerequisites of micro entrepreneurs to augment their existing/running business and helping them to purchase the business machinery/assets

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What Our Clients Say!

I only have limited knowledge about finance but these teams were so kind and helpful. Thank you for putting so much effort in helping me.

Jon James

Thanks to Mintax. They have been a blessing since I invested. They have provided me proper guidance about Finance. Would love to invest again.

Mary Smith

Glad to have worked with wonderful people who consistently hit all the deadlines. Always proud to have known such hardworking people

Andy Cohen