Uebert Angel Invites All Aspiring Millionaires to Join Him

Uebert Angel recently made a post on social media, inviting his followers to join him in his ‘Millionaire Academy’. The social media post pertaining to this invitation simply directed his followers to follow @themillionaireacademy page on Instagram.

The leader of the Good News Church based in London, Angel made the decision to start the Millionaire Academy. It is now a business mentor ship groups that has earned considerable international renown. It is based on the goal of getting everyday people taught with the principles that are involved that will make help make them successful multi-millionaires in business. Since its conception, the group has since held seminars across the UK, the US, as well as Africa.

These seminars are expected to continue on a global scale. Interested individuals are advised to look out for new updates and announcements on how they can become part of the Millionaire Academy.

When asked for the reason that motivated to create the Millionaire Academy, Angel stated that he wants to use it as a means for him to give back to the people. After all, the group was founded to help teach members get a foot into big business. It also tackles strategies on how to run a business successfully on their own. He is banking on his precise business acumen as well as his considerable experience in the industry to help make it possible for him to guide other people to allow them to break out of the state of poverty that they are in and to help guide them towards achieving more wealth.

Angel was educated in the UK where he earned two Finance degrees from Sanford University. He has also conducted finance lectures all throughout Britain. His experience in business spans more than 15 years and he is happily married to be Angel. His wife is also a business woman in her own right. She is also a motivation speaker and a well-known public figure. The couple have four boys.

Learn more about The Millionaire Academy and the work of Uebert Angel to make it happen. Follow Uebert Angel on Twitter for his latest updates.

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