Top 5 People Who Made Billions with Forex

Forex market is being one the great market across the world. This market, in fact, one of the ruling markets in the world. Many people try to invest in this market. Trader in this market makes money through three ways. One is shorting,in shorting is selling of specific currency with the perceptive that the value of that specific currency will fall as compared to second currency. Going long is totally opposite of shorting,traderperceives that specific currency will increase. Strangle and straddle are  two opposite phenomena. There are alarge number of people across the globe who earned a lot through forex.One can observe very few numbers of people who lost a lot in forex.Here is the account of top5 People Who Made Billions with Forex.

5-Bruce Kovner:

Bruce Kovner is 72-year American forex trader and philanthropist. He established an organization named as CAM Capital in 2012. This company manages his trading,investment, and business activities. He steps into forex at the age of 32 years. He was no doubt one of the biggest traders in the world till 2011. His highest earning at one time was $14 billionregarding assets.

4-Bill Lipschutz:

Bill Lipschutz is thenew York-based61-year-old forex trader. He is also co-founder as well as director of Portfolio Management at Hathersage Capital Management. He started earning through trading while he was astudent. At first, he earned $238000 in the initial stages. Unfortunately, a bad decision made him lost everything he owned. That event couldn’t stop him moving forward. Just in 1985, he was able to earn $300 million in one year. Since 1995,he is securing the seat of director at Portfolio Management at Hathersage Capital Management.


3-Stanley Druckenmiller:

In 1953, Stanley Druckenmiller was born in America. He was once president and chairman of Duquesne Capital.He is career began in 1977. He left that business in 2010 after facing massive economic recession.The net worth of Stanley Druckenmiller is more than $2 billion regarding assets. He also worked with George Soros and considers him as his adviser. He works upon reserving capital and then pursuing capital when there is a boom in trade. He always avoidsmultitasking withopportunities,rather focuses on one that fits. As in his interview, he says “there are a lot of shoes on the shelf,wear only the one that fits.”

2-Steve A Cohen:

Steve Cohen is 61-year-old American. His networth is about $13 billion. He is the founder of Point72 Asset Management.  Besides being asuccessfulbusinessman, he is also a good philanthropist. It is his immense earning that he now 30th richest person in the America.


1George Soros:

George Soros is considered as legendary in forex market across the globe. He is 86 year old Hungarian. He emigrated toward England in 1947. As in May 2017, thenet worth of George is about $25.2billion.He started his career as aclerk in 19 54. Fortunately through hardwork and business mind, he started his own organization with the name Soros Fund Management in 1970 being its chairman. With all the success and earnings George Soros is now one the thirty wealthiest people in the world.


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