Sean Ortiz: How to Scale a Business

Sean Ortiz once scaled a business from $900,000 to over $6 million in sales.

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In today’s interview, Sean has agreed to share his top tips on scaling a business from scratch.

Increase Sales Volume

One of Sean Ortiz’ top tips is to boost the volume of sales your company is making by fostering relationships with key clients. The key to scaling a business is also in consistent, high ticket sales with larger clients.

When you work directly with a company, you often grow with them too.

Building Strong Relationships

Sean Ortiz scaled a business in the medical distribution industry by fostering a new relationship with a big account.

He built a working relationship with SCAN Health Plan, a California-based healthcare company. Sean scored the contract and the company he worked for soon became SCAN’s official distributor of products to seniors in their homes.

“The benefit of this is that we had no idea how fast they would grow,” says Oritz/

Oriz says his company grew with SCAN, and he realized that business growth was interdependent.

“Sales suddenly grew by hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Ortiz.

“It was incredible.”

With the higher sales volume came new challenges, however.

Nevertheless, Ortiz and his team managed to adapt to the changes and meet the demands of a larger workload.

He says he had to grow the wholesale business to offset the growth of SCAN, as well as find new salespeople.

Ortiz says while these processes took a lot of time and work, the main thing that drove most of the immediate business growth was his ability to foster meaningful relationships.

He says it’s all about what happens after the sale: you need to keep people happy and secure.

“If it’s a one time sale, the goal is to meet the need and make sure they’re happy. For long-term sales and residual income, you need to focus on relationships,” says Ortiz.

Powerful Leadership

Ortiz says it’s also important to strive to become a better leader if you want to help grow a company.

Leaders first and foremost need to look at the individual.

“Not one size fits all because everybody is different.”


Ortiz says people will tell you how they think and how they like to be mentored.

It’s important to communicate with the people you’re leading and communicate change.


“Human capital is the number one thing I see businesses handling wrong,” says Ortiz.


“Some businesses hire people to fill tasks instead of fitting them to their strengths.”


“One of the challenges most leaders face is that things change fast and continual learning needs to happen all the time.”


“If we don’t keep up with changes, then we become outdated leaders,” says Ortiz.


Ortiz says another big issue some leaders struggle with is thinking they’re always right.


“I think sometimes as leaders, we get to the point we think we know everything,” says Ortiz


“I believe that leaders are right a lot. They have to have good judgement, make good decisions and make strong decisions,”


Ortiz says good leaders always strive to learn more and educate themselves so they can lead people more effectively. Another challenge in growing a business, according to Ortiz, is managing company growth and culture.

He says it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with changes, but it’s necessary to stay on top of them.


“Some companies grow fast and still want to maintain that small feeling and that can be difficult,” says Ortiz.


“We must always strive to be at the forefront of learning and keeping up with change.”


Management vs. Leadership 

Ortiz says both effective leadership and management are essential in growing a business of any size.

He says management is about tasks.


“Your goal as a manager is to ensure tasks get completed in a timely manner. You’re managing the people and the technology resources to create a desirable outcome.”


Ortiz says leadership is different.


“Leadership is transformational,” says Ortiz.


“Leadership is seeing others become what they were always meant to be.”


Ortiz says while management is about tasks, leadership is about people. He says leadership is about recognizing people’s strengths and helping them reach their full potential.


“It’s about listening to people, observing them and listening to what they’re saying.”

As a leader, optimism is a quality Ortiz encourages. He says some people are pessimistic and that optimism is a rare quality to find in a person.

Optimism can help people to unlock their full potential.


 Ortiz recommends every business have strong well-defined goals and reassess them on a regular basis.


“You need to keep a pulse on the changes that are happening. Quarterly setting is a great idea to re-evaluate the goals you are working on.”


He says it’s important to do a consistent evaluation at least every three months to make sure each goal is still important and pertains to the rapidly changing business landscape.


“You need to set aside time to brainstorm and pick your top three goals.”


Before setting your top three goals, Ortiz says it may be best to start with ten and then whittle them down to three with your team.


“Goals need to be a priority and they need to be consistently re-evaluated.”


Failure Happens    

“Some of the top things I’ve learned in the past ten years is that businesses need to have a mission statement,” says Ortiz.


“What’s best is to know who you are, continue to grow and be a learner.”


“It’s normal to make mistakes, to have business losses or to have to start over.”


Ortiz says he wants people to understand that failure is okay.

He says people should never give up the excitement of starting something new or taking the next step in their business. According to Ortiz, it’s normal to go through trials and tribulations and you have to have faith in yourself and your abilities.


“Focus on growing and being productive, says Ortiz.”


“In life there’s always setbacks. There’s always challenges.”


“Wait and hang in there and never give up hope.”


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Key Takeaways

 If you’re looking for key takeaways, here are some tips we compiled from our interview with Sean Ortiz.

Foster relationships:

An important part of growing a business is fostering relationships. Take care of all your accounts and the people you work with. Also remember to build relationships with clients who provide you with continued business and residual revenue.

Deliver on time:

Deliver on time and with consistency. People love to work with people they can count on. If the people you work with expect a certain product from you at a particular time, ensure they receive it as expected each month. This will ensure their continued loyalty and trust.

Lead effectively:

The best way to lead people is to discover their strengths and you do that by listening to them. Remember that leadership is about transformation. You need to understand people and what makes them tick if you want to help them go through the process of transformation.

You’re not always right:

Leaders are not always right, even if they think they are. Remember that everybody can teach you something. As a leader, you should keep your ears open for new information that you may be able to implement to grow your business or take your team to the next level.

Keep learning:

The best leaders are always learning and the moment you stop learning is when you become obsolete. Opportunities to learn new things are everywhere, so focus on personal development and remember the previous tip: you’re not always right and everybody can teach you something.

Management and leadership:

The key to growing a business is great management and great leadership. Management is about tasks and leadership is about people. You need to optimize both people and tasks within your organization to boost growth.

More About Sean Ortiz  

Sean Ortiz is from Jurupa Valley, California. He specializes in operations and distribution management and has spent the past decade leading teams of different sizes.

His top strengths are growing companies and the people within them. Ortiz simplifies tasks within businesses to help them run smoothly and more efficiently.

Helping companies grow, thrive and find innovative solutions, Sean is a strong believer in personal development and character building.

His top values are hard work and accountability and strives to help leaders and teams do better. Ortiz runs a leadership blog where he teaches people how to become better and more effective leaders.

To learn more about Sean Ortiz, you can visit his website at:

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