Is Social Media Really Most Efficient Marketing Medium?

In today’s chaos world, people really enjoy sharing their personal world with the social media world. That is why social networking websites are gaining popularity with the time. Social media is the best platform for marketing as entrepreneurs can target a large number of audience through this platform. Some statistics also illustrates the importance of social media in marketing. For instance, the social media examiner indicated that about 97% of the marketers participate in social media and consider it the most effective marketing medium. Here is a look at some of the ways in which social media can be considered as the most effective marketing medium.

1.  Increase visibility of a brand

Social media networks are the best channels for increasing brand recognition. Your business will only flourish if you can reach a large number of audiences. Social media makes you more accessible for new customers and makes you recognizable for your existing customers. For instance, users of Facebook or Twitter can only hear about your company if it stumbles on their newsfeeds.

2.  Improve loyalty of a brand

A study conducted bythe Texas Tech University indicated that social media networks improve the brand loyalty so that a brand can enjoy this higher loyalty from their customers. With the right social media marketing strategy, a company can connect with its target audience. It is an influential way for morphing customers towards the company.

According to Convince and Convert, about 53 percent of American who follow brands on social media sites are more loyal to those brands. So, a company should take benefit of the various marketing tools which a social media offers.

3.  Better opportunity for conversion

Social media is all about sharing, reading and reacting to various content, so you can easily get an opportunity for customers to convert. The first thing which a company has to do is to build a following, and the rest will be done by itself. With the increased following, you will get access to recent, new and some old customers so that you can interact with them. Your customers will react to your every post, video, image and even comment that you share. This reaction will entice them to visit your site which will ultimately result in conversion.

A huge number of opportunities that you get from social media plays a significant role in improving your business even if the click-through rates are low.

4.  Improve Brand Equity

Through social media marketing, a large amount of interactions and followers can enhance your brand equity. It is actually the value of your brand in the eyes of the customers. Building brand equity will improve the worth of your brand to bloggers, investors, potential, and media customers.

5.  Increased conversion rates

Social media marketing increases the conversion rates through various ways. Through the social media marketing, the brands become more humanized, and they act more as people do. It is an important fact because psychology says that people enjoy doing business with other people rather than the companies.


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