Gent’s Killer Summer Looks

Gent's Killer Summer Looks:

Spring and summer is a time when we all have to get an entirely new set of clothes, shoes, accessories, and sadly, men have to do the same. It is sad because men hate shopping for new things, but they still have to do it. They can’t go through men’s fashion magazines like women do to find out about trends and fashions, but luckily men have got us, and we did the sorting of cool things and mentioned it in the article for them so they can read this and then buy the most fashionable clothes of the  summer season.

Gent’s Killer Summer Looks:

  1. Vertical Stripes: Vertical stripes are officially the men’s comfortable wear. The strips were seen on almost everything on global fashion week from bombers to the field jackets. The size of your stripes matter the most, your strips should be straight, deployed across your shirt or pant and narrow. If you want to wear vertical stripes, make sure you wear one thing of the sort, i.e., if your shirt is striped your pants and shoes should be plain and vise verse. Create your stripe style.
  2. Tonal Dressing: Tonal matching is essential in this season your dress should be tonal color matched not like wearing a billboard. By tonal matching, we mean that you bring the right colors into your dressing. A successful tonal dressing is when your outfit can work in any situation and scenario. Try to add more neutral colors and pastel colors to your wardrobe. You can wear a maximum of three tonal items in one outfit.
  3. Side-Striped Trousers: Side-striped trousers are coming back to life after their debut in 20th, and the biggest proof of their revival is that the designers are getting bonkers over the striped trousers this season.  The biggest brands, like Prada, Balmain, and Valentino, showed their models with striped trousers and coordinating tops. Now it’s like if you don’t have one stripe down your leg, you are not doing men’s wear in the right way. This sporty look is not just limited to sports now, you can wear trainers with the striped trouser but make sure you add a slim fit or smart knit shirt on top.
  4. Dad denims: By dad denim we don’t mean that you wear light wash, loose fit, straight up and down and unfussy stuff, instead we say that they are more stylish, and drilled down version of the norm trend. The dad denim combines millennials and baby boomers comfort. Dad denim is stylish yet comfy and will give you an instant look of being a pro without trying too hard. They provide your legs with enough breathing space. Dress like your dad but in a cooler way by opting for Chelsa boots or statement trainers and loose fitting shirt in pastel colors and make a style statement.
  5. Tropical Printed Shirts: Who said that tropical shirts are only for beaches and vacations? Tropical printed shirts can win all the scenarios in a wink. This season the big brands like Paris are opting for tropical shirts with Louis Vuitton and making everybody nuts who thought that tropical shirts were for beaches only. When you decide to wear, tropical shirts make sure that the rest of your outfit has a dark element in it to nail the look.

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