Bankruptcy Sydney: How To Find The Right Insolvency Lawyer

Bankruptcy Sydney is one of the most challenging steps to take after being declared bankrupt. This is because it can have a dramatic negative impact on your credit history and future. In order to avoid bankruptcy Sydney has been created in 2021 in an attempt to curb the growing number of insolvencies. This has been done in order to make filing for bankruptcy easier and more manageable. Bankruptcy Sydney consists of two parts and these are referred to as Insolvency Practitioners and Bankruptcy Lawyer. When hiring an insolvency lawyer it is important to ensure that you work with someone who is fully qualified to handle such a sensitive and legal proceeding.

Types of Insolvencies

There are many types of insolvencies, which are taken into consideration when looking for a suitable insolvency lawyer. The most common type of insolvency is that of a company or business going through financial hardship and seeking solace from bankruptcy. Many people do not know that there is another type of insolvency that can be filed when a person or company is facing financial issues. This other form of insolvency is referred to as debt management.

Hiring a Law Firm

When considering hiring a law firm to represent you, there are a number of factors to consider. One of these factors concerns how long the law firm has been in business. It is always best to hire an establishment that has been around for some time now since this indicates that they have experience and that they have successfully helped a great deal of individuals get out of financial turmoil. When searching for an insolvency Sydney firm, it is also important to check how long they have been practicing.


Another factor to consider when looking for a suitable insolvency lawyer or firm is to ask for referrals. Many individuals have stated that they felt more comfortable hiring a financial advisor that received a referral than they did one who did not receive a referral. By asking for a few referrals from individuals in your area, you are sure to locate an insolvency lawyer or firm that can help you with your financial troubles.

The next thing to look at is whether the insolvency lawyer or firm will work on a contractual basis or whether they will provide a complimentary service. Both options are respectable and both can provide the individual with assistance during their financial crisis. If you choose a complimentary service then it is advised that you check out the practitioner’s reputation before hiring them. If you cannot find any reviews relating to their services then it is probably best to choose a firm that provides an on-going complimentary financial advise.


Hiring a qualified and competent insolvency lawyer or firm can make a huge difference in the future. With the right legal representation an individual can avoid having their assets sold and possibly even have their creditors to pay off their debts. The best way to choose the right insolvency attorney or law firm is by having a clear overview of what you need, asking questions of those that you trust, and finding a law firm that fits your particular needs. Bankruptcy Sydney is a city filled with talented and dedicated lawyers who can provide you with a solution to your financial troubles.

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