A DropShipping Story – Jeffrey Fernando

Jeffrey Fernando Story

RICHARDSON, TX / UTD Come / January 20, 2020, / On a Friday evening when most college freshmen are looking for their next party or social gathering, Jeffrey Fernando sits on his computer analyzing products on AliExpress to see what his next big e-commerce winner could be.

Most have heard the story before. A young Belarusian boy immigrates to America and achieves entrepreneurial success in the online business space. Just over 40 years ago, Gary Vaynerchuk immigrated to America with his family from Belarus. After graduating from college, Gary took over as the CEO and transformed it into an e-commerce empire. Soon after, Gary Vee launched Wine Library TV, the company’s YouTube webcast, and the rest is history.

Fast-forward to November 2019 and Jeffrey Fernando, an Indian-born American, hit his first four-figure month in sales from his e-commerce store. Except Fernando hadn’t even graduated from college. In fact, he was still in his first semester at just 18-years-old.

As of late, the internet has been filled with murmurs about dropshipping. ‘Is it a scam?’ ‘Is it fake?’ ‘Is it sustainable?’ ‘Drop shipping is too saturated.’ ‘Drop shipping is dead.’

Well, for 18-year-old Fernando, dropshipping isn’t dead.

In fact, he went from launching his e-commerce store to reaching $1,883.92 in revenue in November 2019, in less than 3 months, marking his first four-figure month in sales.

His story doesn’t start there. While most 14-year-olds were playing Call of Duty or Rocket League after school, although he didn’t know it yet he was developing his skills. The summer after finishing middle school, Fernando taught himself Photoshop through YouTube videos and helped create a website for his father’s business.

But business isn’t just the only place that Fernando shines. Throughout high school, Fernando challenged himself by taking International Baccalaureate courses as well as Advanced Placement courses to get college credit. When most teenagers were focused on enjoying their high school years, Fernando was in SAT prep courses which helped him to score in the top 2% in the nation.

In a nation crippling with student debt, Fernando is paid two thousand dollars per year from the University of Texas at Dallas to attend college, where he is pursuing a pre-medical track in hope of becoming a doctor as well as a successful entrepreneur one day.

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