5 learning insights from Facebook hackathon

Hackathon is actually a type of event in which participants from different location gather. This event continues for several days. The trip to Hackathon is full of enjoyment, learning, and gaining.  This event is organized in which different people share their coding ideas and work together day and night to develop new mobile and web apps. Computer programmers, software engineers, graphic designers, project managers and various other people related to computer field participate in software projects and use their skills to make new apps and models. Similarly, Facebook Hackathon is organized.

Facebook Hackathon is working a lot in the latest technologies with superb new ideas. They are working really hard for the advancement of the current technology by adding superb more features to it. Initially, Hackathon was not much famous with respect to Facebook. It was like an informal thing and the team doesn’t pay much to it. But later on through work they gathered and become more powerful with good leadership skills. They built up a team and start working for that. Till now almost 50 Facebook Hackathon have taken place. The workers gather together and they share their skills. The energy level and spirits reach an unattainable level in Hackathon.

Learning Insights of Facebook Hackathon:

There are a lot of benefits of attending Facebook Hackathon. Different people share their apps, awesome superb tools free of cost. So you can get even more ideas to conquer the world with the technology. These are the basic ways through which you can understand Facebook Hackathon more deeply.


If you don’t want to involve properly then you can try volunteering. The Facebook Hackathon needs people to help in organizing the event and to help them in running. In this way being a volunteer you can boost your skills very easily. So this provides basic learning insight of Facebook Hackathon.


If you want to become familiar with the people or you want to brand yourself or your company then speaking is the best way to do so.  Facebook Hackathon tries to get people which are good in speaking on stage. If you convey the right values then definitely you will get the right response.


You can sponsor an event. The sponsorship is based on the type of event but this allows your brand to be displayed closest to the people, audience, and participants.


Hackathon is like a playground where players gather from all over the world. So this will help you to define yourself. You don’t need introduction etc. you will be having a superb identity with Hackathon.

Event Hosting:                                                             

Hosting an event can also benefit you a lot and you can learn even more from it. Similarly, Facebook Hackathon event is hosted and the participants gain skills but the event-hosting organization can gain even more from it with respect to others.                

Make sure you follow these simple tips to gain more from the Facebook Hackathon:

  • Never be afraid of asking questions.
  • Meet new people, develop your network.
  • Rehearse your demo again and again
  • Gather sensible members to create team
  • Don’t forget to manage your time.


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